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The type of rotary table bearing and its application in life

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01 series turntable bearings Single-row four-point contact ball turntable bearing is composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, steel ball and isolation block. Compact structure and light weight. The four-point contact between the steel ball and the arc raceway can withstand axial and radial forces. Rotary conveyor can be used, welding manipulator, small and medium-sized cranes, excavators and other construction machinery. 02 series turntable bearings

The double row ball type turntable bearing has three seat rings, the steel ball and the isolation block can be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceway. Two rows of steel balls with different diameters are arranged according to the stress. This open assembly is very convenient. The load Angle of the upper and lower arc-shaped raceway is 90 degrees, which can withstand large axial force and overturning moment. When the radial force is greater than 0.1 times of the axial force, the raceway must be specially designed. Double - row reducer ball slewing bearings have large axial and radial dimensions and compact structure. It is especially suitable for loading and unloading machinery such as tower crane and truck crane with medium diameter and above.

03 series turntable bearing Single row cross roller type turntable bearing, consisting of two seat rings, compact structure, light weight, high manufacturing accuracy, small assembly gap, high installation accuracy requirements, rollers according to 1:1 cross arrangement, can simultaneously withstand the axial force, overturning moment and large radial force are widely used in lifting and transportation, engineering machinery and military products. Other series of rotary disc bearings Single row four-point contact ball bearings (QU, QW, QN series) Four-point contact turntable bearing (VL series) Four-point contact turntable bearing (VS series) Four-point contact turntable bearing (V series) Single row cross roller type turntable bearing (XS series) Single row cross roller turntable bearing (X series) Application of turntable bearings in various fields

1. Wind turbine The yaw bearings are mounted at the connections between the tower and the cockpit, and the pitch bearings are mounted at the connections between the root of each blade and the hub. One set of yaw bearings and three sets of variable propeller bearings are used for each wind turbine. Yaw and pitch bearing rings are made of 42CrMo. The overall tempering and quenching of raceway surface are adopted for heat treatment. The supporting conditions of yaw and pitch bearings are complex and the impact and vibration are large. Therefore, the bearing needs to bear the impact and the heavy load. The service life of wind turbine requires 20 years, and the cost of bearing installation is relatively large. Therefore, yaw and pitch bearing life must also reach 20 years. Bearing ring seat hardness 240-280hb, impact resistance, no plastic deformation. Meanwhile, the surface hardening hardness of raceway reaches 55-62hrc, which improves the contact fatigue life and guarantees the long life of the bearing. 2. Marine crane Marine cranes generally use double - row reducer, four - point contact ball and three - row roller internal gear structure turntable bearing. According to the bearing capacity of different, heavy cranes generally use three row roller turntable bearings, light cranes generally use four-point contact ball turntable double row reducer ball turntable bearings. Because the crane works in the environment of -20℃ ~ +45℃, the mechanical properties of this bearing material are relatively high. 3. Offshore platform crane According to the different bearing capacity requirements of offshore platform cranes, four-point contact ball turntable and three-row roller internal gear turntable bearings are usually used. This Marine platform crane turntable bearings have special material requirements. The mechanical properties of the material must guarantee the safety factor under the limit load. The average value of charpy impact test of forging sample can reach 42J at -20℃ and 27J at -40℃. Degrees Celsius. Finished bearings must be certified by the classification society. 4. Port mobile crane Port cranes usually use three-row roller wheel bearings with internal and external teeth of 4 meters in diameter to withstand high tipping moments. 5. Material piling and taking machine The turntable bearings of stacker and reaper are generally ball column joint type, three-row roller type and cross roller type, most of which are larger than 3 meters in diameter. Due to the bad working environment and large dust, this kind of bearing has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, long service life and good sealing performance. 6. The ferris wheel It is used for four-point contact ball turntable bearing on ferris wheel, with an outer diameter of 4100mm and a thickness of 85mm

7. Ship unloader The rotary table bearing of ship unloading machine usually adopts a three-row roller structure with external tooth diameter of about 4 meters. Jiangsu warm intelligent equipment co., LTD. Cover mechanical processing, slewing bearing, jiangsu changzhou slewing bearing, etc., is a professional engaged in rotary bearing technology development and production manufacturers, the company production, processing 30 tons - 3000 tons of gold, silver, iron, lead and zinc and other non-ferrous metal ore dressing equipment, production of various series of slewing bearing, wheel bearing, rotary gear reducer, rotation drive, a diameter of 200 to 3000 mm, with high precision, good operation, safe and reliable quality, etc. This article by jiangsu warm intelligent equipment co., LTD compiled and released, if reprinted, please indicate the source:

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